Titan Alarm LTD is proud to announce that it will be expanding its operations from the Canadian provinces to the United States for the summer of 2012. Titan Alarm LTD achieved a staggering success after only its first (1st) year of being in business. Specifically, Titan Alarm LTD established its primary base of operations including but not limited to its departments for sales, IT, technicians, call center, finance and other pertinent divisions in 2011. Yet, in a record period of time, the company managed to grow exponentially and enter numerous Canadian markets in several different provinces. The company attributes this extraordinary success to its spectacular management and dedicated team. The expression that a picture is worth a thousand words is highly applicable when describing the triumphant success of Titan Alarm LTD’s first year. Specifically, Titan Alarm LTD exceeded sales of seventeen thousand in its opening year and could not be more proud to be protecting this number of families throughout the Canadian provinces. http://strykealarm.com